Seattle 5-Day Trip & Shopping



Tour code: APS5

Days: 5

Description: Seattle, Olympia, Portland, Florence, Woodburn Outlets

Tour operator: Majestic Vacation

Quality: ★★



 Day 1 Airport pick-up (optional night tour)

Meet our tour guide at the baggage claim area at SEA-TAC where pick-up service is available between 9 AM to 10 PM.

Customer may choose night tour. Night tour is scheduled to go Seattle Harbor to see the Seattle Great Wheel, the tallest sky wheel above water in the US, Seattle.Kerry Park. This park is one of the best spots for photographing in Seattle, gives you the greatest overview of the romantic city.

Hotel: Comfort Inn or equivalent

Day 2 Olympia and Portland

Visit Olympia, the capital city of Washington state to see the state house of WA. Travel north to Columbia River Gorge in 40 miles east of Portland. The Columbia River is the 4th largest river by volume in the nation, flows inside the Rocky Mountains. It coves and runs for 1000 miles along the border of 2 states, Oregon and Washington. The magnificent view of the valley includes Multnomah, a famous 620 feet water falls. Next stop is Portland where we will visit the International Rose Test Garden, which was built in 1917 for the worldwide rose experiment. You can see always see new types of roses growing here. Last stop is a gorgeous church, The Grotto.

Hotel: Comfort Inn or equivalent Day3 Florence-Sea Lion Caves

After breakfast, Florence will be your next destination.  It’s called the American Sahara Desert. You can take a special tour by cars speeding on the beach dunes. Then visit the Sea Lion Cave which eroded by the waves in 25 million years, also you could watch sea lions and understand their natural habits.

Day 3 Florence-Sea Lion Caves

After breakfast, Florence will be your next destination. It’s called the American Sahara Desert. You can take a special tour by cars speeding on the beach dunes. Then visit the Sea Lion Cave which eroded by the waves in 25 million years, also you could watch sea lions and understand their natural habits.

Hotel: Comfort Inn or equivalent

Day 4 Shopping at Woodburn Outlets

Woodburn is the largest outlets in Oregon with more than 100 brands. Tips: Oregon State is free of sales tax! Enjoy shopping! Enjoy saving!

Day5 Seattle city tour

Seattle is a coastal seaport city and the seat of King the U.S.state of washington.Seattle is the largest city in both the State of Washington and Pacific Northwest region of North America and the fastest growing major city in the US. The first colonies arrived here from Ohio in 1851, showed their friendliness to the Native Americans who had lived here for 6000 years. They named this area after Sealte, the head of the tribe. This is how the city got its name, Seattle. We will bring you to Boeing, the largest aircraft manufacture in the world. At its factory you will learn the history of aircraft making and also see one of the only 4 Dream lifters in the world; there will be professional Boeing employee guiding you to see the assembling process of the Boeing 7-series. Boeing can build a miracle in only 3 days, so be prepared to have your eyes wide open, there will be experiences that you never had. Pike Place Market was built in 1907. The Pike Place Market was originated by farmers for selling their products, it is now one of the major tour spots in Seattle, holds about 200 commercial events every year, exhibits 190 kinds of handcrafts, includes 120 agriculture venders and plus street performers. Pike Place Market is also where the first Starbucks store was founded Space Needle is an observation tower in Seattle. It was built in the Seattle Center for the 1962 World’s Fair, it drew over 2.3 million visitors. Which you should never miss. It is a structure you can see from every single corner of Seattle. On top of the tower you are offered with free telescope to see the amazing view of not only Seattle city but also Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier. You can also surprise yourself by experiencing the most advanced hologram technology at the Space Needle. The EMP stands for Experience Music Project. The museum is founded by Microsoft co- founder Paul Allen and designed by Avant grade designer Frank Gehryhe, located at the foot of the Space Needle. Its colorful appearance is made up by 3000 pieces of metal means to present the strength of music and the beauty of flowing. One of the most popular spots inside the EMP is the interaction room where you can play guitars and drums and even DJ by yourself. During this visit, you can see the earliest electronic guitar made in 1930s, learn guitar history, play games in the Science Fiction Museum, and see the NFL championship trophy. The Pioneer Square in Seattle still keeps the prosperity from the gold rush era. The beautiful structures along the street are

Standard Victoria style built a hundred years ago.


All schedules are subject to traffic, weather conditions, as well as the number tour participant. Tour fees and hotel fees are not refundable if tours are canceled by customers.

Attractions may close during holidays. Itineraries may change without notice.

Airport pick-up and drop off service can only be provided at SEA-TAC International Airport. Please make sure your departure time is after 8pm.



Departure: Every Sunday.

Buy 2 get 1 free.

Price list 1st $2nd person


3rd person


4th person


Single traveller


Attractions settings and features

Shop at 2 major Premium outlets where leading fashion brands are in great deals and casino

For the guests who arrive BEFORE 12PM. (Adult: $35/Person; Children (3-12): $25/Person). For the guests who will take both Morning Tour AND Night Tour, we will only charge $50(tips included) in total.

In addition, since December 6th, there should be 4 people at least for operating the Seattle morning tour and night tour. Guests are able to register it from our tour guide upon arrival.

Costs include

1.4 Nights Hotel Accommodations;
3. Experienced Tour Escort services;
4. Transportation service via luxury coach as specified in itinerary;
5. Airport transfer

Expense Items

  1. Optional tour items, admission fees
  2. Personal expenses, insurance.


Oregon Garden (winter) adult USD12.00 senior USD 10.00 child USD9.00


Giant dune buggy (summer) adult USD15.00 senior USD15.00 child USD15.00

Sea Lion Cave (summer) adult USD14.00 senior USD14.00 child USD9.00


Space Needle adult USD27+tax senior USD22+tax child USD15+tax

Night Tour adultUSD25.00 seniorUSD25.00 childUSD15.00

Early tour adultUSD35.00 seniorUSD35.00 childUSD25.00

Early and night tour adultUSD50.00 seniorUSD50.00 childUSD30.00

Future of Flight adult USD20+tax senior USD20+tax child USD14+tax

EMP Museum adult USD25+tax senior USD22+tax child USD16+tax

Chihuly Glass Garden adult USD27+tax senior USD22+tax child USD15+tax

  1. All meals.
    4. Gratuity to tour guide and driver (suggest $8 per day per person).

Terms and Conditions


  1. Please be sure to bring your travel document (Passport, Alien registration card or visa). Our company assumes no responsibility for customers without the proper travel documents. Costs of travel documents are on your own expense.
  2. Hotel rooms are Standard Twin with air conditioning and bath, 2 full-size beds.
  3. Those with Buy 2 get 1 or 2 free promotion.
    Price of this promotion is based on Twin Room price. Please select 1 Triple and 3 Adults for “Buy 2 get 1 free” or 1 Quad and 4 adults for “buy 2 get 2 free”. The free person shares 2 full-size beds in the same Twin Room with former 2 full-price guests.
  4. NO sharing room with this tour.
  5. Transportation via deluxe air conditioned motor coaches; experienced tour guide for each tour.
  6. All private expense on insurance, taxes and other items will be covered by travelers themselves.
  7. All Meals, Admissions and Gratuities, please pay cash on tour. Tour guide will assistant to arrange meals along the way; all the resorts which need admission fees are optional. Join or not depends on customers themselves. Travelers may budget accordingly before they go.
  8. City passes are not accepted during an escorted tour due to the fact that they do not correspond into the tour schedule. The group entrance tickets provided by tour guides have fast lane and tour guides accompany passengers for activities.
  9. Policy of Cancellation and Change: it indicates bus seats, hotel as well as itinerary are all set once tour been confirmed. Any change(regarding Date, Traveler amount, Names etc) or cancellation per you request after confirmation, there will be a penalty fee to be collected according to following policy:
    Policy of Cancellation:
    – 100% of reservation cost within 7 days prior to departure date;
    – 50% of reservation cost within 8-14 days prior to departure date;
    – 25% of reservation cost within 15-29 days prior to departure date;
    – 10% of reservation cost within 30 or more days prior to departure date.
    – This penalty is a mandatory fee will be paid in cash by other participating travelers of the reservation in order to participating on the tour.
    Policy of Change:Routing and timing of air ticket customers book must completely stick to tour itinerary, we assume no responsibility on costs caused by any flight which is wrongly reserved, delayed or changed.
  10. Airport Transfer:
    SEA Airport only the free pick up time is from 9:00am to 10:00pm. Arrival at other time (including flight delay), passenger will have to self check in to hotel on their own expense or pay a surcharge ($120/first 2 pax, $10 per additional person). On the final day of the tour, please book the flight that departs after 20:00 in SEA airport.
  11. Order of itinerary might be reversed according to number of groups and weather condition, no further notice will be provided.
  12. We reserve the right to refuse any clients who may hinder or delay the progress of a tour. In such situation the used portion if the tour will be refunded on a pro-rata basis after all prepaid expenses such as hotel, transportation etc. are deducted.
  13. If customer chose to discontinue tour before the tour is finished or miss any part of the tour, no refund would be allowed. In addition, it is the client’s own responsibility for all consequences arises from an early termination of the tour.
  14. All tours are carefully planned with our rich experience. Our company dedicate ourselves to provide you a wonderful journey, accommodation, as well as service. And please understand that we are not responsible for any losses or extra expenses caused by strike, acts of government’s civil disturbances, bed weather, or any other force majeure. In such cases, we will do our utmost to make arrangements, but the costs have to be borne and paid for by the participant.

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